and Alexandre

Marie Cornil and Alexandre Willaume

(b. in 1994, France)

Their design practice aims to explore the formal, historical and economic developments generated by certain materials; their properties, uses, gestures and memories. They seek to fluidly intertwine design, sculpture, craft and chromatic research, in order to imagine landscapes that reveal topographical and technical issues, and to propose multiple perspectives on the material world surrounding us. They are particularly interested in the persistence and reinterpretation of artisanal gestures, which allows us to highlight, and sometimes question, the porosity between interior and exterior spaces. Their experiments result in ensembles where spontaneity and freedom are welcomed, as well as in-depth collaborations around certain skills. They excavate and celebrate the multiple layers of certain situated crafts.

The question of place and inhabitation is central to their practice - both from a domestic and interior perspective, as well as the topographical study of rocks, masses and navigational spaces, or of passage and movement, displacement, points of equilibrium, and more broadly of geographies and exploratory objects.

The multiple reactions of materials emerge in their work, in order to deploy objects and industrial techniques’ unsuspected potential. Reproduced and tautological forms are thus sometimes pushed to their limits and contradictions.

Through these exchanges and sincere research, they wish to reveal unsuspected uses of the material, and encourage stimulating dialogues and collaborations.