Leila Farra is a Swiss designer based between Lausanne and Paris. She graduated from Bachelor Industrial Design at ECAL/Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne and she gained experience working for Marlo & Isaure (La Marsa, Tunisia), Mut Design (Valencia, Spain), Julie Richoz (Paris, France) and currently at Hermès (Paris, France). 

Her inspiration comes from various fields: from ethnography books to observation of small details in the streets and nature. 

She has a particular interest in craftsmanship and old savoir-faire. The goal of her projects is to create simple and poetic objects that have a story behind them.

Her work has been exhibited in various events like Istanbul Biennale (2018), at La Julienne Gallery (2019), at Window Bureau 141 (2021). She is also co-creator of Bakteria, a Swiss made jewelry brand.