“Hylomorphose” 3
 CHF 750 

From the Greek húlê (“material”) and mórphôsis(“forming”), the Hylomorphoses are a material exploration of the connections between shape, its fabrication and its uses. By questioning the generative productivity of matrices (from the latin for “womb” or “master seed”), the artist, armed with practical knowledge, by passes various modes of reproduction to resist normative, industrial calibration. This decorative collection is the result of extensive research on the “original” porcelains of Jingdezhen (China) and a study of the French porcelain factories at Saint-Yrieix (Limoges), where kaolin, a key ingredient in porcelain making, is found in abundance. The ornamental series plays metaphorically with the ideas of duplication, fraternal twins and decorative follies. The crystalline glaze and the recurring motifs unify the collection, a reconstructed set of forgotten moulds.

Dimension: H 24 cm L 16.5 cm W 11 cm

Material: Hard-paste porcelain, decoration under and on enamel

Unique piece

MÁTI galerie is proud to announce the acquisition by the mudac, museum of contemporary design and applied arts in Lausanne for its collections of this piece.

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